Terms and Conditions

[Corporation Name] (the “Collective”) is a lawfully organized and operating California medical cannabis collective that is operating as nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, entity number [Corporation Number]. The Collective is organized and is operated solely for non-profit purposes and does not operate to create a gain, profit or return on investment for any officer, member or agent of the Collective.

The Collective was organized to ensure that seriously ill Californians, as defined by the Compassionate Use Act, (“CUA”) (California Health & Safety Code Section 11362.5(b)(1)(A)), and the Medical Marijuana Program Act, (“MMPA”) (California Health & Safety Code Sections 11362.7 through 11362.83) , have the ability to obtain and use medical marijuana for medical purposes where that medical use is deemed appropriate and recommended by a California licensed physician consistent with the requirements of California law. The Collective, through its members, associates, collectively within the State of California to collaboratively, cooperatively and collectively cultivate, transport, process, and distribute medical marijuana to “qualified patients” and their “primary caregivers” as those terms are defined by the CUA; the MMPA; and interpreting case law for the mutual benefit of its members. The Collective only distributes medical marijuana that is cultivated or produced by the Collective to Collective members.

Collective membership is restricted to “Qualified Patients” and their “Primary Caregivers.” No person will be granted membership in the Collective until the Collective has verified that person (1) is a California resident with valid California ID, driver's license, or other California or Federally issued photo identification; (2) has a written recommendation from a California licensed physician that is in good standing stating that the person has been diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition and is authorized to use medical marijuana, or a recommendation to act as a “Primary Caregiver” for a “Qualified Patient,” which recommendation has been verified by the Collective to be valid and in effect; (3) is over the age of 18; and (4) Agrees in writing to the terms of Collective’s membership. The Collective does not deny membership based on age, sex, race, nationality, political opinion, sexual preference, handicap, or marital status.

Collective members are specifically prohibited from:

1. Smoking or consuming medical cannabis, or related on Collective premises or in the immediate vicinity of the Collective’s premises and/or vehicles, including in a parked car in the immediate vicinity of Collective’s premises;

2. Loitering at or near Collective premises, including any vehicles which the Collective uses to deliver medical marijuana to Collective members, or otherwise engaging in activity deemed to be suspicious or a nuisance to the Collective and/or its neighbors.

3. Possessing any firearm or deadly weapon on or around Collective premises, including near any vehicles which the Collective uses to deliver medical marijuana to its members.

4. Driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery while under the influence of medical cannabis;

5. Selling or diverting any medical marijuana or derivative obtained from the Collective;

6. Distributing, either directly or indirectly, medical cannabis obtained from the Collective to minors.

The Collective expects each member to make a contribution to help the Collective realize its purpose, continuity and sustenance. The Collective understands that not all members are able to make equal contributions and some members may only be able to make monetary contributions in exchange for medical marijuana.

WARNING: The manufacture, distribution, possession and/or use of marijuana is a violation of the federal Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) (21 U.S.C. § 801, et seq.) marijuana is a Schedule I drug under the CSA and any activity related to cannabis use is subject to federal prosecution, regardless of the protections provided by state law. Any use of medical cannabis obtained by [Corporation Name] is the individual decision of that member and, as such, the member accepts full and complete responsibility for that member’s violation of the federal Controlled Substances Act.

Copies of the Collective’s (1) Articles of Incorporation; (2) Bylaws; and (3) Seller’s Permit are readily available for inspection by any Collective member or person or entity wishing to do business with Collective.