Happy Customers

At Humboldt Seed Company we guarantee our seeds to perform to their best potential. We continually strive to provide you with the highest quality, for your ultimate satisfaction.

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Dream Queen

“I’ve literally been around the world looking for the perfect medical strain. I’ve tried so many varieties, only to realize that the best comes from right around the corner.”

Royal Highness

“I had almost given up on my backyard grow until I tried Humboldt Seeds. No mites, no mildews, no molds. HUGE plants, and the buds are better than ever!”

Purple Panty Dropper

“We had 6 plants each, she wanted to grow the Humboldt Seed and I wanted to grow the clones. In the end, not only were the seedlings 3 times more productive, the bud from the Humboldt Seed Company Seeds was just way better”