Flowers for Dark Days

Check out Humboldt Seed Company’s Granny Canny featured in this High Times article.

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Summary – Embarking on our annual pheno hunt in the heart of Humboldt County is always a journey filled with anticipation and excitement. It was during one such adventure in 2023 that we first encountered a remarkable specimen that would later become known as Granny Candy. As we traversed the sun-drenched terraced hillside at Full Moon Farms, guided by the expertise of fellow weed documentarians, the air was thick with the scent of summer and the promise of discovery.

Granny Candy stood out immediately, its intensely sweet aroma reminiscent of childhood memories spent savoring fruity candies. The sight of its frosted leaves, adorned with stacked trichomes and folded inwards like “terp tacos,” was a testament to its exceptional genetic makeup. It was clear from the start that Granny Candy was something truly special.

Originally discovered in collaboration with Errl Hill and Fire Mountain Farms during our 2020 pheno hunt, Granny Candy is the result of meticulous breeding and refinement. A cross of Mountaintop Mint with White Runtz Muffin, this strain captures the essence of candy terpenes with unparalleled frost and production.

For two years, we worked closely with the growers at Terp Mansion to perfect Granny Candy, ensuring that every seed produced embodied the qualities that make it truly exceptional. Led by our founder and CEO, Nat Pennington, our team experimented with various crosses to create a strain that not only pays homage to its candy-inspired roots but also delivers on potency and flavor.