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California Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds

Autoflower Seeds, Original Strain

Meet our latest autoflower addition, embodying the timeless essence of California’s cannabis heritage. This beloved strain packs a punch with its unmistakable potency that hits with the force of a tank. Unlike the delicate Sour Diesel clones, these plants are carefully bred for robust growth and resilience.

Indulging in this potent strain may lead to a state of profound relaxation, with couch lock being a potential side effect. So, it’s best to clear your schedule and prepare for a blissful journey into relaxation with this powerful classic.

Our seeds are available for sale in the US in our shop californiahempseeds.com and in the EU at humboldtseedcompany.es (please note you will be redirected clicking a link below).  

Indica Dominant, Huge Producer, Intensely Relaxing, Avg. THC 21%, F4


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Cannabis Strain Benefits

  • Available: Feminized, Auto Feminized
  • Ind/Sativa: 20% Indica | 80% Sativa
  • Effect: Strong & relaxing, appetite stimulant
  • Characteristics: Huge Production, amazing sour smell
  • F5