California’s Best Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Discover the Unique Advantages of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflower cannabis sets itself apart from traditional “photoperiod” strains by flowering independently of day and night lengths. While photoperiod strains rely on changing light conditions, autoflowering varieties transition into flowering around 2-3 months after seed germination, regardless of light cycles. This characteristic makes them a game-changer for growers. Unlike photoperiod strains that initiate flowering in response to decreasing daylight hours, autoflowers remain unfazed by light variations. This can be highly advantageous to growers for many reasons including, faster turnaround, no need to alter light cycle artificially through light deprivation, and harvest planning to avoid inclement fall weather. While autoflowers demand essential elements such as light, water, warmth, and nutrients for optimal growth, their flowering schedule is not contingent on light hours like their photoperiod counterparts. Through careful breeding across multiple generations, our Autoflower strains embody all the desirable traits of our popular photoperiod varieties. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and quality that autoflowering cannabis brings to modern cultivation practices.

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