We've highlighted some of our most frequently asked questions below. Please review this list before submitting a contact request. Due to a high volume of inquiries it can take several days for us to respond to questions.

When should I start my seeds?

March 1st-15th, but start regular seeds early to speed up the sexing process.

What is your preferred germination method?

For small germination batches, we recommend the wet towel method, and for larger batches, you can sow seeds directly into the soil, about 1cm deep. Always make sure they are warm!

What are our most mold resistant strains?

What is your expected germination rate?

We expect at least a 98% germination.

What is your highest THC strain/strains?

Are your seed lines stable? Which are the most stable?

Our seed lines are very stable, after over 20 years of breeding, we are confident our strains are the most homozygous on the market. Our most stable seed lines are our Early Girl Hybrid OG

Which Seeds are Regular and Which feminized?

Check out the product pages for more: 

What is your Pheno Hunting process?

Check out this video about our phenotype hunt. VIDEO LINK

How can I purchase seeds?

In California, you can find our products in local dispensaries. We also offer bulk seed pricing for retailers and farmers in California with a California license number. Breeding and sales are available in Oregon, Oklahoma, and Maine. With more locations coming soon! Visit Our RETAILERS page for a list of current retailers. 

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