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Royal highness cannabis flower

Royal Highness Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Seeds, Original Strain

A recently refined version of one of our original creations, Royal Highness is a cross of epic potency and production that is sure to knock your crown off.  This refined version stands as a testament to the harmonious union of potency and prolific yields, ready to dethrone any preconceived notions. Prepare to witness buds reminiscent of regal scepters, each one adorned with a glistening crown of resin, a true hallmark of this strain’s distinction.

Derived from a noble lineage of Royal Kush, Cali Dream, and Trainwreck, Royal Highness reigns supreme in the world of cannabis seeds. Indica-dominant, it boasts a swift photoperiodic flowering period of just 55 days, with a harvest window from September 25th to October 10th.

The scent of Royal Highness is a regal proclamation in itself, characterized by the distinctive Kush aroma, amplified by elevated levels of α-Humulene and β-Pinene. These terpenes not only contribute to the skunky, pine-infused fragrance but are also rumored to possess antimicrobial properties, adding an extra layer of allure to this trichome-laden variety.

With THC levels ranging from 26% to a commanding 32%, Royal Highness delivers a potent and drowsy effect fit for cannabis connoisseurs seeking an elevated experience. As the crown jewel of our collection, this strain invites you to bask in the glory of large, resin-dripping buds – a royal spectacle fit for the discerning cannabis enthusiast in search of the best cannabis seeds on the market.  

Our seeds are available for sale in the US in our shop californiahempseeds.com and in the EU at humboldtseedcompany.es (please note you will be redirected clicking a link below).  

Indcia Dominant (55% Indica 45% Sativa), Extremely Dense and Productive, Potency of Kush, Avg. THC 26-32%%, S4 x RHN#34


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Flowering Time


Royal Highness Strain Graph cannabis flower

Cannabis Strain Benefits

  • Available: Feminized
  • Parentals: Royal Kush x Cali Dream x Trainwreck
  • Ind / Sat: Indica
  • Photoperiodic Flowering: 55 Days, Sept. 25th-Oct.10th
  • Flavor / Taste / Smell: Skunk, Pine, Orange
  • Effect: Potent & Drowsy
  • %THC: 26-32%
  • Characteristics: Large Buds Dripping With Resin