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Welcome to our comprehensive cannabis cultivation guide, where we have educational info for all levels to embark on their growing journey. Whether you’re interested in growing cannabis outdoors, indoors, or exploring the nuances of both, or if you’re just interested in learning more about cannabis seeds our blog serves as your go-to resource for cultivating premium-quality cannabis from seed to harvest. From the fundamentals of germination and seed selection to advanced techniques in pruning and pest management, we cover every aspect of cannabis cultivation. Dive deep into our collection of articles, videos, and tutorials to gain insights tailored to your growing environment and experience level.

Phenotype Hunt With Casa Flor

Learn about our partnership with Casa Flor to bring you some amazing new strains. Check out the process. 

Casa Flor Logo
two people look at Garlic Budder cannabis seeds
team Michigan cannabis plant farm
man looking at cannabis plant
three men in cannabis plant field
man manning Automated Seedling Line

Phenotype Mega Hunt Full Video

Learn more about our Phenotype Hunting process in Humboldt County, CA that has helped us create some truly unique strains.

dark heart nursery logo
humboldt seed company logo
Dark Heart Phenohunt trees in background
field of cannabis plants surrounded by trees
R&D Seedlings cannabis plant
man in field of cannabis plants
hand holding cannabis plant

Phenotype Rating Sheet – Short Form

Phenotype Rating Sheet short form
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