What Is Moon Rock Weed and How Is It Made?

Calling all heavyweights, legacy consumers, and connoisseurs: it’s time to add moon rocks to your cannabis repertoire. 

Big, beautiful nugs of cannabis flower that have been dipped in extract and rolled in kief, moonrock weed is one of the most potent high-THC cannabis products known to man—and serious stoners—alike. 

There are quite a few pros and cons when it comes to the moon rock experience, and depending on what kind of consumer you are, moonrock THC could either be just what the doctor ordered, or overwhelmingly terrifying. 

However, if you’re interested in learning how to smoke moon rocks, fear not—you can do it! You just have to make sure you know yourself, know your limit, and have read this piece ahead of time to learn as much as you can about this unique cannabis experience before embarking on it.

What is moonrock weed?

Moon rock weed is regular cannabis flower that has been dipped and rolled in oil and kief—a.k.a., seriously pimped out pot that amplifies your smoking experience and transports you to another universe. 

It isn’t quite clear where or when moonrock weed first originated, but legacy rumors have identified Starbudz760 as the first dispensary to concoct the product, with West Coast rapper and hip hop legend Kurupt famously advocating for it and his self-coined version, “Kurupt Moonrock.” 

Next time you’re asked, “What is moon rock weed?”, remember that moon rocks are most often created with G.S. Cookies, but any high-quality strain will do, as long as it’s highly potent and compatible with being made even more so. 

Are moon rocks potent?

Ohhhhh, yes.

Moon rocks are renowned for their tremendously high levels of everyone’s favorite psychoactive cannabinoid—like, up to 50 THC percentage per dose. For reference, regular flower averages at around 20 percent THC, so even one hit of moon rock weed is likely to blast you further into space than the average ol’ bowl ever did. 

Are moon rocks safe?

Yes, except maybe not, and it depends entirely on you.

A mildly-experienced consumer is already aware that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to cannabis consumption. What works for me might be a really bad trip for you, and when it comes to a product that is absolutely drenched in cannabis concentrate, the stakes are even higher for whether or not it’ll be a good time.

That being said, there are quite a few recognized pros and cons to comb through and help you determine whether or not moon rock consumption is up your personal use alley.


  • Moon rocks are incredibly potent, which means you’ll get very high—possibly the highest you’ve ever been—and it’ll last a pretty long time. Of course, this can either be a pro or con, depending on your comfort level as a consumer.
  • Moon rocks are great for saving money and resources. Since a little goes a long way, you won’t have to consume even half of what you usually do to achieve a comfortable high.
  • If you’re making moon rocks yourself, you’ll have the added benefit of saving the kief that collects at the bottom of your grinder and putting it to some seriously good use.
  • Since moon rocks are loaded with cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant compounds that contribute to the entourage effect, they tend to be highly aromatic and flavorful. This is especially favorable among consumers who consider themselves true connoisseurs of cannabis.


  • Moon rocks are incredibly potent, which means you’ll get very high—possibly the highest you’ve ever been—and it’ll last a pretty long time. Again, this might not be a good thing for you.
  • Although moon rocks might save you money in the long-run—especially if you’re a frequent and high-dose consumer—they can have the opposite effect for consumers who don’t smoke much to begin with and aren’t used to paying extra for luxury products. 
  • Oil and kief are fun to consume, but they’re also super sticky, crumby, and prone to creating a huge mess. As a result, moon rocks will probably clog your smoking devices and grinders, and they can be difficult to break down and burn evenly.

How to make moon rocks

Making moon rocks at home is cost-effective and enjoyable, if also messy and somewhat time-consuming. However, it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort or resources, so if you have a free day to spend learning something new, here’s your latest cannabis party trick:


  • Big, beautiful GSC buds (or your strain of choice)
  • Your favorite cannabis oil or concentrate
  • A big pile of kief (Pro tip: Start collecting the kief that lives at the bottom of your grinder yesterday)
  • Liquid dropper
  • Tongs (or a similar utensil for grabbing/picking up)

Simple steps

  1. Lay out your gorgeous nugs on a flat, even surface.
  2. Use your liquid dropper to grab some of your cannabis oil, bathing your buds in it entirely.
  3. Use your tongs to pick up the sticky nugs and roll them around in kief—sort of how you’d roll snickerdoodle cookie dough in cinnamon sugar.
  4. Let your moon rocks dry entirely, and get ready to consume!

Tips for smoking moon rocks

Wondering how to smoke moon rock by itself? You’ve come to the right place.

Now that you know how to concoct your own galactic ganja at home, let’s talk about best methods for consumption—namely to help you avoid creating a huge mess and/or clogging up your grinder and smoking devices beyond use. 

No matter how you’re planning to consume your new creation, the first thing you’ll want to do is be careful about breaking them down. Remember: moon rocks will definitely clog up your grinder with their sticky goodness. Avoid this by breaking the moon rocks into small pieces with scissors—and surrendering to the fact that the nominated pair of scissors will be rendered permanently-gooey as a result. 

Joint or blunt

Because moon rocks have such a wet and sticky texture and slow burn, they’re pretty difficult to wrap with rolling papers. First, you’ll struggle to break them down into small enough pieces. Then, you’ll struggle to keep the J lit throughout the smoke sesh—not to mention the fact that smoking an entire joint or blunt of moon rocks is dangerously intense, even for the most experienced consumer. 

When it comes to moon rock weed, we recommend avoiding this consumption method if you can. 


Using a pipe is one of the best ways to consume moon rocks, as you’ll be able to access smaller doses at a time instead of feeling locked into a full-gram joint. Just don’t forget to line the bottom of the bowl with regular flower; this will help you balance out the potency of the product while also ensuring your bowl doesn’t get clogged with the sticky and supplementary concentrates. 


This will be the same exact approach as the pipe; just keep in mind that bongs are already way more potent of a puff vessel than pipes to begin with, so when you’re throwing moon rocks into the mix, be prepped to blast alllllll the way off. 


The cannabis vaporizer is one of the most popular methods for consuming moon rocks. Why? Because the convection heating process will do a better job of preserving the product’s flavor and aroma. Just make sure to break it up into small chunks before packing.