The Best 7 Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona

Cannabis social clubs, also known as CSCs, have become increasingly popular in Spain. They are private, non-profit organizations that operate on a membership basis. The clubs offer a secure and controlled environment for members to consume cannabis for personal use while staying within the legal boundaries. Their main goal is to facilitate access to high-quality cannabis with a strong emphasis on responsible consumption.

To identify the best cannabis social clubs in Barcelona, we visited our favorite clubs across the city, consulted our Barcelona team and reached out to our local contacts. We also reviewed prominent platforms like Google, Instagram, and Weedmaps. The seven cannabis social clubs that made it on our list have received high praise from the cannabis community, and we cannot wait to tell you about them! 

1. RDM

Address: C. de Bailén, 123, 08009 Barcelona

Age: 21 +

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11 AM – 12 PM

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Situated in Barcelona’s Dreta de l’Eixample district, RDM stands out as a highly esteemed cannabis social club. They offer an extensive selection of high-quality cannabis flower, flavorful concentrates, and delicious edibles for members to enjoy in a peaceful atmosphere, contributing to a positive and fulfilling experience. Prospective members must be at least 21 years old and be introduced to the club by existing members.

RDM functions as a central hub for cultural activities and events. They are known for hosting the annual Porrolimpycs, where talented rollers can display their skills. They also organize live sporting events and frequently host Dab-a-Doo, an event hosted by Mila ‘The Hashqueen’ Jansen. You can also find a unique collection of hand-blown glass from different parts of the world displayed in the lower gallery.

RDM not only boasts a diverse, carefully curated, and well-structured menu but also takes pride in having an extensive recreational area. Several activities are available for members to enjoy, such as pool, ping pong, darts, and gaming consoles such as PS4 and Xbox. The budtenders are genuinely impressive, offering some fantastic recommendations guaranteed to impress. What sets RDM apart is its member’s upbeat vibes and welcoming nature.

2. 1UP 

Address: C. de Bailén, 123, 08009 Barcelona

Age: 18 +

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12 PM – 10:30 PM

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The 1UP social club, situated in the L’Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample, is strategically located within 10 minutes walking distance of the Universitat Metro station. They have garnered a reputation for excellent customer service and a wide variety of high-grade products. It boasts a warm, inviting atmosphere, ample space, and impressive ventilation. The staff are highly knowledgeable and always happy to help, making it a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts.

The interior decor of 1UP is remarkable, with a stunning collection of murals showcasing beloved video games and comic book characters. You might want to watch out for Slimer from Ghostbusters looming above the bathrooms or check out the section dedicated to Mario Bros. 1UP is a haven for any gaming enthusiast, with multiple game consoles, board games, and arcade options. In addition, the club provides an ideal co-working atmosphere with ample tables and sockets available.

1UP stands out for its exceptional range of solventless concentrates, which includes filtered hashish, live resins, and fresh waxes. They also offer premium quality, locally grown flower, featuring strains like Ice Cream Cake and exclusive California genetics from Sherbinskis and Fidels. Don’t worry about the munchies; 1UP offers some delectable snacks and refreshments that are definitely worth trying. They provide a luxurious cannabis experience for their members and shouldn’t be missed!

3. Terpy

Address: C/ de Valldonzella, 30, 08001 Barcelona

Age: 18 +

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11 AM – 10:30 PM

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Located blocks from the world-renowned Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, Terpy has made a remarkable impact on the European cannabis scene. Their reputation precedes them, having made a splash at numerous cannabis expos, including Product Earth and Spannabis. They have also garnered attention for creating their own magazine and an incredible selection of merchandise. 

Terpy provides an extensive array of activities for its members to enjoy. Whether it’s savoring delicious Mexican street food or indulging in tantalizing local Spanish cuisine, Terpy has something to offer everyone. Their remarkable menu showcases their commitment to delivering high-quality cannabis for their members with a sophisticated selection featuring bubble-hash, freshly pressed rosins and terpene-heavy flower.

The interior of Terpy is pretty fantastic, with vibrant yellow walls and stylistic furniture that creates a unique and modern atmosphere. In addition to its stunning decor, the venue showcases art and offers multiple consumption areas where guests can indulge in their passion with ease and sophistication. Terpy aims to foster a community of like-minded individuals who can share ideas and grow together. If you’re looking for a trendy, sophisticated social club, then Terpy is for you.

4. WeFlowers

Address: Av. del Carrilet, 145, 08902 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

Age: 18 +

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12 AM – 11 PM

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WeFlowers, located in the L’Hospitalet de Llobregat district, has earned a distinguished reputation for excellence thanks to multiple cannabis cups won by their in-house genetics. The staff are known for their warm and welcoming nature that creates an inviting atmosphere, making members feel comfortable and at home. Like many other social clubs, new members must be introduced to the club by existing members.

Their spacious and well-lit interior provides plenty of comfortable seating options, making it an excellent co-working destination with a relaxed yet lively environment. In addition, WeFlowers provides its members with a diverse range of courses related to cultivation and hash making. On select evenings, resident DJs like Mapuxe Sound light up the atmosphere with their music, making it a fantastic night out. 

WeFlowers regularly hosts cannabis competitions like Monsters of Rosin and EgoClash, providing members access to high-quality, solventless concentrates. They also offer multiple dab stations with electric E-nails and a pressing machine to produce rosin. Top-shelf flower such as Pebble Punch, Blueberry Gorilla Glue #4, and a tasty range of infused edibles are also available. WeFlowers extensive collection makes it an outstanding cannabis social club worth joining!

5. HQ

Address: C. d’Enric Granados, 65, Bajos, 08008 Barcelona

Age: 21 +

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11 AM – 10:45 PM

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Located close to the trendy Passeig de Gracia, HQ has actively participated in the social club scene since 2014. They have gained worldwide attention by hosting the highly acclaimed Masters of Rosin competition and collaborating with cannabis enthusiasts, music artists, and fashion designers. Due to its exclusivity, HQ has a significant waiting list for new members.

At HQ, members can participate in a range of enjoyable workshops and events, including meeting the First Smoke of the Day crew, attending exclusive solventless hash workshops, or indulging in a rejuvenating yoga class! With so much to choose from, it’s the perfect destination for anyone seeking a dynamic and engaging experience while hanging out with like-minded individuals worldwide.

As a result of their continuous collaboration with some of the top names in the cannabis industry, you can expect some high-quality, locally-grown flower. They also have a diverse range of imported genetics from California breeders like Cookies and Doja. Barcelona’s concentrate scene is flourishing, and HQ provides a vast array of solventless concentrates for its members to choose from. Their menu is remarkable!

6. Uncle’s Farm

Address: N / A

Age: 21 +

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 2 PM – 9 PM, Sun 3 PM – 9 PM

Social Media:

If you’re passionate about hash, visiting Uncle’s Farm in Barcelona is a must. Known for being one of the most exclusive spots in the city, it’s where you can meet Zio, an expert in all things hash-related. Uncle’s Farm is famous for its “piatella” – a whole plant, fresh frozen bubble hash created using a unique cold-curing process that has gained much attention in the cannabis community and on social media.

Uncle’s Farm takes pride in offering its private members a genuinely luxurious experience. The seating is not only stylish and comfortable but also designed to provide an unparalleled level of relaxation. The slick wooden floors are perfectly polished and give off a warm and inviting feel, while the ample lighting also helps to create a welcoming and elegant atmosphere. This attention to detail makes Uncle’s Farm the ultimate destination for those seeking a truly exceptional experience.

Uncle’s Farm is a haven for those who appreciate the best of Barcelona’s solventless scene. Along with piattela, members can enjoy products from renowned names like La Sagrada Farms and Slite23, both of whom have multiple wins at the prestigious Egoclash and Masters of Rosin competitions. For those who love flower, they also have a small selection of fiery flower, such as Blue Gelatti, Blue Sherbert, Forbidden Fruit, and more. Experience terpenes like never before!

7. GWA

Address: C/ de St. Antoni Maria Claret, 25, 08037 Barcelona 

Age: 21 +

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11 AM – 11 PM

Social Media:

GWA, also known as Growers with Attitude, located near the famous La Sagrada Familia, has won numerous awards for its exceptional services. Unlike other social clubs, GWA provides its members privileged access to organically-grown cannabis and a premium selection of solventless concentrates. The club has a great sense of community, and you’ll undoubtedly leave knowing more about Barcelona’s intricate cannabis scene!

GWA spans two floors and boasts spectacular hand-painted murals that complement its comfortable booths, classic skateboard collection, and stunning wooden conference table. It also showcases a dedicated DJ area and an exclusive gaming zone. GWA proudly exhibits their numerous awards, a testament to their exceptional contributions within the cannabis community. They host various workshops, including an amazing water hash workshop and terrarium basics, so don’t miss out!

The club embodies the community spirit, which is reflected in its menu. They source organically grown local flowers and extracts from some of the most prominent players in Barcelona, which is excellent news for dabbing enthusiasts. They specialize in W.P.F.F., freshly pressed rosin, and other mouthwatering concentrates. Additionally, they offer a wide range of dabbing equipment, and you can even press your very own solventless concentrates. It’s home, away from home.

Exploring Barcelona’s Cannabis Social Clubs

Barcelona undeniably stands out as a vibrant hub for the cannabis community, offering enthusiasts a unique and legal way to access cannabis products safely. While there are numerous CSCs throughout the city, the ones we’ve mentioned here are our favorites, and we highly recommend them to locals and visitors alike. We hope this list helps you plan your next trip. See you in Barcelona!