At Spannabis, Cannabis Culture Is ‘Unstoppable’ Despite Crack Downs

As the cannabis culture evolves, Spannabis stands as a testament to the dichotomy between its peaceful and passionate modern incarnation thriving underground and the conservative efforts to suppress it. In its 20th year, Spannabis drew an unprecedented crowd of over 25,000 attendees to the Fira Cornellà in Barcelona, Spain, from March 15 to 17, 2024. The event showcased over 500 companies, ranging from seed banks to ancillary services, symbolizing the global convergence of the cannabis community.

For Humboldt Seed Company, Spannabis proved to be a triumph. Winning first place with our Mint Jelly Auto Flower at the Auto Flower World Cup and securing the title of Best Seed Company at the Barcelona International Cannabis Awards, Humboldt Seed Co. demonstrated its prowess on the international stage. Despite regulatory constraints limiting licensed brands’ participation in competitions, California’s influence resonated throughout Spannabis, with Humboldt Seed Co. and other American brands making significant impacts.