Your Guide to Cannabis and CBD Suppositories

Cannabis consumers are so busy debating the benefits of smoking weed versus ingesting it they forget to check behind door #3: feeling the effects of cannabis via the anal rectum or vagina via THC and CBD suppositories.

Weed suppositories are small, cone-shaped medications designed to be inserted vaginally or rectally. From there, the suppository enters the bloodstream to take effect via the endocannabinoid system, with the primary aim of relieving GI discomfort, banishing hemorrhoids and rectal pain, or increasing pleasure during anal and/or vaginal intercourse. 

With options for CBD and THC cannabinoid infusions, there’s a cannabis suppository for every need. Suppositories are simple to use; they’re also more potent and fast-acting than many other cannabis products on the market. If you’re looking for cannabis-infused relief directed at your nether regions and want to learn more about your available options, you’ve come to the right place. 

Do suppositories get you high?

Not really. First of all, most suppositories on the adult-use and/or medical cannabis market are CBD suppositories, which means they contain little-to-no psychoactive effects to begin with.

However, even a THC suppository won’t get you anywhere near as high as an edible, blunt, joint, or homemade gravity bong. This is because the body doesn’t process THC the same way anally or vaginally as it does when it’s smoked or ingested. Instead of working to get you high, a suppository’s THC is there to enhance the CBD’s effects on the body. 

Are anal and vaginal suppositories different?

Yes. Each type of suppository has a different function and effect. The most obvious difference is while most people have an anus, not everyone has a vagina. But beyond basic anatomy, there are a few key indicators to pay attention to when determining whether an anal or vaginal suppository makes more sense for you. 

THC or CBD vaginal suppositories are known for:

  • Relieving vagina-specific ailments or conditions
  • Increasing sexual pleasure during vaginal penetration

On the other hand, THC or CBD anal suppositories are known for:

  • Relieving GI conditions
  • Relieving hemorrhoids and/or rectal pain
  • Increasing the pleasure of anal sex

Another thing to keep in mind is that while some suppositories are designed for anal or vaginal use, others are strictly designed for one or the other. Be sure to read the instructions closely; this will ensure you don’t make the wrong move down there. 

How to use weed suppositories

The main reason consumers use marijuana suppositories is to relieve pain, especially in the pelvic and/or anal region. Whether you’re opting for vaginal administration or rectal administration, the process for implementation is pretty straightforward.

Start by washing your hands. Then, make sure your suppository is hard enough to insert. If it’s soft or has too much give, pop it in the fridge for a few minutes. 

Once you’re ready to insert the suppository, place it on the tip of your finger, and then use your finger to push it in and back as far as it can go. If it feels too dry going in, feel free to rub a little lube on the area. 

From there, you’ll want to lie down on your side to ensure there’s zero leakage. Anal and vaginal suppositories alike take around 15-20 minutes to kick in—something to keep in mind if sexual activity is on the horizon. 

Where to buy cannabis suppositories

Whether you’re looking for a CBD suppository for sexual pleasure, a THC suppository for pain, or some combination of THC and CBD, here are some of the most popular products on the market for you to check out:

Pacific Roots

Pacific Roots offers a wide variety of CBD suppositories. Their products speak to vaginal dryness, increased sexual pleasure, and overall boosted wellness. 

District Cannabis

District Cannabis THC suppository uses include pain, menstrual discomfort, Crohn’s or IBS, endometriosis, and any other localized pain. 

CBD Living

CBD Living suppositories deliver 50 mg of organic nano CBD directly to the source, aiming to relieve pain and increase pleasure. 

Spirit of the Herbs

This full-spectrum, all-CBD suppository is created with organic cocoa butter, organic calendula-infused olive oil, and full-spectrum hemp extract. They can be inserted vaginally or rectally. 


Endoca’s CBD suppositories are high-strength at 500mg CBD, with uptake said to increase by almost 10 times compared to oral consumption. 

How to make cannabis suppositories

Wondering how to make cannabis oil suppositories of your own? Here’s a quick how-to you can follow at home:

Cannabis suppository recipe


  • Cocoa butter or coconut oil
  • 12 two-milliliter suppository molds
  • 1 gram of cannabis plant distillate or Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)


  1. Warm your cannabis oil with a hair dryer for about 10 seconds; alternatively, you can place it in a plastic bag and submerge it in hot water for around two minutes. This will make the distillate or RSO easier to dispense. 
  2. Mix your warm oil into the cocoa butter or coconut oil until fully dissolved.
  3. Carefully fill each suppository mold with two mL of cocoa butter/coconut oil mixture. 
  4. Place your molds in the freezer until they are set. Once hardened, you can pop them out and place them in a plastic bag or glass jar, storing them in a dry, dark place until you’re ready to use.

Frequently asked questions about cannabis and CBD suppositories

What are CBD suppositories used for?

CBD suppositories are used for menstrual cramps, pain relief, muscle relaxation, stress and anxiety relief, inflammatory bowel diseases, and pelvic floor disorders. 

How long does it take a CBD suppository to work?

This depends on your tolerance level and genetic makeup, but in general, you’ll feel the benefits of cannabis suppositories within 15-20 minutes. 

Does CBD oil help with pelvic pain?

As with most things cannabis, there’s a limited amount of research available on this topic. That being said, CBD is recognized for its ability to relieve any chronic pain condition, implying its efficacy against pelvic pain

Are suppositories stronger than edibles?

Yes. The human body can absorb about 2.5 times more cannabinoids via suppository when compared to edibles, which means their entourage effect tends to be more powerful and potent. However, that does not mean you will feel the effects in the same way—suppositories provide localized relief.

Who shouldn’t use suppositories?

Anyone with a history of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or other GI conditions should be extra careful and check in with a medical professional before trying suppositories. 

In general, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor when considering a new supplement. Whether or not you have preexisting GI issues, we recommend reaching out to double-check that suppositories make sense for you before you take the plunge. 

Is regular suppository use ok?

Suppositories should be safe to use for the long term without negative side effects. However, if you still have GI issues, pain, or discomfort after regular use, you’ll want to speak to a doctor. And you should always discuss THC or CBD suppositories with your primary care physician prior to use.