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Pineapple Muffin Cannabis StrainPineapple Muffin Cannabis Strain

Pineapple Muffin Cannabis Seeds

Autoflower Seeds, Original Strain

Indulge in Pineapple Muffin, an autoflower version of a signature crossbreed crafted by Humboldt Seed Company (HSC). This unique strain is the offspring of Pineapple Train Wreck, Sour Apple, and Blueberry Muffin, offering the best qualities of parent plants.

Pineapple Muffin boasts vigorous and mold-resistant growth, with sprawling plants that reach impressive heights. Its dense buds, tinged with bright green and subtle purple hues.

Prepare for a sensory delight as you experience Pineapple Muffin. The enchanting aroma of blueberries takes center stage, perfectly harmonizing with tropical pineapple notes. The result is a smoke reminiscent of a delectable pineapple upside-down cake, delivering a truly pleasurable and flavorful cannabis experience.

With THC levels ranging from 17% to 21%, Pineapple Muffin strikes a satisfying balance, offering moderate potency. Its mold-resistant traits further enhance its appeal, ensuring a resilient and robust growth cycle.

Indulging in Pineapple Muffin isn’t just about a delightful smoke—it’s an immersive journey into a world of flavors where blueberry and pineapple nuances dance on the palate. The sweet undertones contribute to a relaxed and productive experience, solidifying Pineapple Muffin as a standout addition to our lineup of premium cannabis strains.

Our seeds are available for sale in the US in our shop californiahempseeds.com and in the EU at humboldtseedcompany.es (please note you will be redirected clicking a link below).  

Balanced Hybrid, Vigorous, Mold Resistant, Sweet Smoke With Notes Of Blueberries and Pineapple, Avg. THC 17-25%


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Flowering Time

100 DAYS

Pineapple Muffin Autoflower

Cannabis Strain Benefits

  • Available: Feminized, Auto Feminized
  • Flowering Time: 80-100 days from germination
  • Balanced Indica & Sativa
  • Vigorous, mold resistant plant
  • Sweet smoke with notes of blueberries and pineapple
  • THC 17- 25% CBD .14%
  • F4