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Grow Your Own Garden Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Seeds, Original Strain

Embark on a cannabis cultivation adventure with the Grow Your Own Garden Cannabis Seed Pack by Humboldt Seed Co., carefully curated to elevate your growing experience. Born from the rich soils of the Emerald Triangle, these genetics were selected for an epic growing season, making it the perfect choice for both seasoned cultivators and beginners alike.

This unique trio, now featuring an autoflowering variety, is designed to provide a well-rounded cultivation journey. Humboldt Seed Co. brings you three feminized strains in one convenient and enjoyable pack. Whether you’re an experienced master of cultivation or taking your first steps into the world of growing, this collection ensures a celebration of cannabis’ rich legacy, directly from the hills of Humboldt.

From seed to harvest, immerse yourself in the cultivation process and witness the beauty of these Emerald Triangle genetics flourishing under your care.

Three feminized strains in one fun pack.

Our seeds are available for sale in the US in our shop californiahempseeds.com and in the EU at humboldtseedcompany.es (please note you will be redirected clicking a link below).