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Raspberry Parfait Cannabis Seeds

Indulge in the exquisite allure of Raspberry Parfait, a strain that may just redefine your perception of what is deemed the most delectable on this planet. Unearthed in the lush landscapes of Oregon at Rising Leaf Farms during the 2017 Collaborative Phenotype Mega-Hunt, this strain is not just a feast for the taste buds but a sensory journey of its own.

Boasting a sweet and mind-expanding berry flavor, Raspberry Parfait captivates with its vigorous and tall growth, yielding frosty purple long spires that paint a picturesque scene. Miraculously maturing in a mere 60 days, this strain is not just a visual delight but packs a potent punch with a THC content of 22%. Aptly dubbed the perfectly balanced breakfast strain, Raspberry Parfait combines the best of both worlds with 20% Indica and 80% Sativa, delivering an uplifting and energetic high.

What sets Raspberry Parfait apart is its exceptional terpene-rich profile, earning it the prestigious 2020 Cultivation Classic for strains boasting the highest terpenes. The enduring scent of sweet dessert and raspberry-vanilla yogurt accompanies this strain, making it not only a visual and psychoactive treat but a fragrant delight. As you roll up some of the tastiest joints infused with Raspberry Parfait, rest assured that this strain is destined to kickstart your day on the right note, ushering in a symphony of flavors and effects that make it truly extraordinary.