Vanilla Creme Pie cannabis flower

HeadStash: Vanilla Crème Pie Cannabis Seeds

AUGUST 23, 2021

Embark on a flavorful journey with Humboldt Seed Company’s Vanilla Crème Pie, a strain that unfolds a tale of crème pâtissière with a distinct gassy fuel finish. This exceptional strain earned its accolades as a winner at the 2019 Collaborative Phenotype Mega-Hunt, where it outshone numerous beautiful plants on Aloha Humboldt Farms.

Vanilla Crème Pie proves to be a high-yielding and productive cultivar, showcasing dense trichome-covered green colas adorned with captivating purple highlights. The plant exhibits a robust and upright growth habit, maturing within a reasonable 65 days while producing jaw-droppingly frosty flowers. Once you experience the sweet vanilla fuel notes coupled with its potent 23-25% THC content, it’s akin to taking a delectable pie to the face.

The high induced by Vanilla Crème Pie is both relaxing and ethereal, hitting hard and fast—an ideal choice for moments of relaxation and restful sleep. This Indica strain stands as a solid addition to any grower’s stash, akin to a time-honored recipe for classic American pie, offering enduring appeal and quality that withstands the test of time.

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