Vanilla Creme Pie

HeadStash: Vanilla Crème Pie Cannabis Seeds

AUGUST 23, 2021

Sometimes you can tell the whole story with a taste, and Humboldt Seed Company’s Vanilla Crème Pie is a tale of crème pâtissière mixed with a gassy fuel finish. Crowned a winner at the 2019 Collaborative Phenotype Mega-Hunt, this strain stood out amongst hundreds of beautiful plants on Aloha Humboldt Farms. High-yielding and productive, Vanilla Crème Pie boasts dense trichome-covered green colas with purple highlights. Expect a vigorous plant with an upright growth habit that matures in 65 days and delivers jaw-dropping frosty flowers. Once you’ve gotten a taste of the sweet vanilla fuel with its 23-25% THC, you may indeed feel like you’ve taken a pie to the face. The high is relaxing and ethereal. It hits hard and fast making it ideal for relaxation and sleep.  This Indica is a solid addition to any grower’s stash with staying power like a time-honoured recipe for classic American pie.

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