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Nutter Budder Cannabis StrainNutter Budder Cannabis Strain

Nutter Budder Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Seeds, Original Strain

This hybrid line presents calming and sedative effects, a perfect pre-bedtime smoke. This strain effortlessly combines soothing effects and an exceptional flavor profile. It’s a hybrid strain, available in feminized seeds, and it’s a go-to choice for a calming and sedative experience, making it an ideal smoke when you have nothing to do.

Nutter Budder’s distinctive appeal lies in its smooth nutty flavor with prevalent gassy and earthy undertones. This unique combination sets it apart, ensuring that even in a room filled with various strains, Nutter Budder stands out with its aromatic presence. As a heavy hitter, this strain is effective for ultimate relaxation while delivering the sought-after combination of a satisfying body and head high, characteristic of a well-balanced hybrid.

One of the standout features of Nutter Budder is its low-maintenance nature, making it a suitable choice for both novice and experienced growers. The top-tier high it offers further enhances its appeal, establishing it as a recommendation for a broad spectrum of cannabis enthusiasts.

The genetics of Nutter Budder trace back to a cross between C-435 and Peanut Budder, resulting in a hybrid strain that flourishes during a 65-day flowering period, typically from October 1st to 15th. The flavor profile encompasses earthy notes, complemented by the richness of peanut butter and subtle fuel undertones.

With THC levels ranging from 26-30%, Nutter Budder ensures a consistent and potent experience. Its characteristics exhibit minor variation, providing reliability in delivering the anticipated effects and flavors.

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Hybrid (50% Indica 50% Sativa), Minor Variation, Amazing Trichome Covered Flowers, Avg. THC 26-30%, Bx3


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Cannabis Strain Benefits

  • Available: Feminized
  • Parentals: C-435 x Peanut Budder
  • Ind / Sat: Hybrid
  • Photoperiodic Flowering: 65 Days, Oct.1st-15th
  • Flavor / Taste / Smell: Earthy, Peanut Butter, Fuel
  • Effect: Sedative Effects
  • %THC: 26-30%
  • Characteristics: Minor Variation