Weed Hunting (Pheno Hunting)

In the heart of Humboldt County, amidst the towering redwoods and sprawling pastures, lies a haven for cannabis enthusiasts and aficionados alike. Humboldt Seed Company, renowned for its expertise in identifying rare cannabis genetics, hosts an annual event that has become legendary in the industry – the pheno hunt. This year, the hunt promises to unveil the future of cannabis, with participants embarking on a mission to explore 10,000 plants and uncover the most exceptional strains.

The hunt isn’t just about chasing mythical “unicorns,” as Halle Pennington describes them, but about discovering strains with outstanding terpene profiles, sturdy structures, and vibrant colors. It’s a quest for excellence in cannabis cultivation, driven by a passion for the plant and a desire to push the boundaries of innovation.

This year’s hunt takes us deep into the heart of Humboldt’s cannabis landscape, where we join farmers like Nik Erickson of Full Moon Farms in Bridgeville. Erickson’s journey reflects the intertwined history of cannabis and Humboldt County, where the cultivation of cannabis has deep roots dating back decades. Together, we explore fields of thriving cannabis plants, each one a testament to the dedication and skill of the farmers who nurture them.

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