10 weed trends coming to your state from The Emerald Cup ’22

woman holding open glass jar of cannabis nugs

Hash holes, fresh zaza, epic throwback strains, plus scratch-and-sniff bags in stores for 2023.

Future Oscar winners debut at Sundance film festival. Unicorn startups are born at SXSW. And NFL superstars make their names at the draft combine. For licensed and unlicensed cannabis pros, the road to glory runs through The Emerald Cup each year. The Cup is the globe’s penultimate pro-sumer cannabis expo and smokeout.

The counties of Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity collectively produce more weed than any other place in the US. Each December, super-growers, sellers, and users come down from the Emerald Triangle to share fresh genetics and search for the next superstar strain of the year.

In 2023, you’ll be smoking the strains that premiered on December 9 and 10 in Santa Rosa, California. The event is further proof that the future still happens in Cali first: Here are 10 trends from The Emerald Cup Harvest Ball 2022 coming soon to a state near you.

Low, legal prices will rule the shop

hand holding open jar of cannabis nugs
woman smelling cannabis nugs
two men posing one in monster costume

Scratch and sniff bags—yes!

humbold seed company packaged products on top of menu