‘Ask Ed’ Chronicles ‘High Times’ Co-founder’s Guides to Growing

The world may feel like its upside down, but as Ed Rosenthal reminds us, cannabis — when properly watered and fed — will still stretch its sticky green fingers skyward. The High Times co-founder and master cultivator is currently sheltering in place at his East Bay home, where he tends to his plants and continues to dispense valuable advice on growing and harvesting the best of buds.

At present, the 75-year-old author is paying close attention to a home grow he started in February.

“I have some seeds from Humboldt Seed Company that I’m growing,” Rosenthal says by phone from his home in Oakland. “I think it’s their Cherry Pie and another variety of theirs.”

Unlike today’s ranks of amateur bread-bakers, growing weed isn’t merely a hobby for Rosenthal — it’s his vocation. He’s sold more than 2 million copies of his books and holds the distinction as the author of the only cannabis horticulture title ever reviewed by The New York Times. His most famous work, Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Grower’s Handbook, is required reading at Oaksterdam University.