Best strains in New York this year

Anthony DiMeo

What’s good, New Yorkers? The time is now to get your very own garden party started!

New York state medical cannabis home cultivation laws took effect back in early October. The rules now allow patients and caregivers three mature and three immature plants at a time. Officials allow two or more certified patients in any private residence to have double that—six mature and six immature plants. Whoo!

It’s a big win for New Yorkers, and combined with adult-use legalization and decriminalization in neighboring states—the Northeast has joined cannabis’ golden age.

Should I grow indoors or outdoors in the Northeast?

Now with the wind at their backs, potential New York home growers maybe planning how to best proceed. Should I invest in an indoor tent system, or potentially create my own private Woodstock by planting some solid backyard boogie?

Former High Times Senior Cultivation Editor, current editor of Northeast Leaf Magazine, and all-around New York weed guy Danny Danko said smoke for virtually free with an indoor set-up that includes a large mother plant, plus a flower tent.

“The limit is on the amount of plants, but it’s not on the size of the plants. Indoors you have the option of extending that vegetative stage,” Danko said. “You can grow bigger plants and also not have to ever pay dispensary prices again by keeping a mother plant.”

Legendary grower/breeder Chemdog of the strain Chemdog is a Massachusetts native and recommends going for an outdoor grow in the Northeast. He’s the Director of Cultivation at Canna Provisions in western Mass, only an hour away from New York.

The veteran sungrower said aspiring gardeners should plan to battle hot, humid summers and cold, early, long winters. That means getting a greenhouse. Shield plants from rain during the muggy summer and fall. Fight bud rot by shaking off morning dew.

“In the Northeast, there’s a lot of rain here. The season isn’t like CA and a lot of those west coast states,” said Chemdog. “So even if [your garden is] somewhat covered it’s gonna do you wonders, especially when the buds form, because of those long, humid summers.”

Sour Apple

cannabis nug and leaves
Run Humboldt Seed Co Sour Apple Auto this winter indoors for a good time. (Courtesy Humboldt Seed Co)

Combining its Sour Apple sativa and Animal Cookies pain-relieving properties, this true hybrid is a dual threat. Humboldt Seed Co. features feminized seeds of Sour Apple and also debuted its latest big yielder Apple Blossom as a photo and auto.