Nat Pennington and the Klamath River

In this episode, we talk with Nat about his successful 25-year-long effort to get the Spring Chinook declared endangered in the Klamath river and its tributaries, as well as his work with numerous state agencies, the Klamath tribes, including the Yuroc, Karuk, Hupa, Shasta, and Klamath nations and Pacificorp, which is owned by Warren Buffet, to get four dams removed along the Klamath river.

When finished in 2024 it will be the world’s largest river restoration project. The dams removal will restore the river and bring back healthy salmon runs, which in turn restores one of the tribes’ most important resources and will benefit the fishing industry as well.

The deed to the dams has been transferred and is no longer in the hands of Pacificorp. This is an extraordinary story of hope in a world gone astray.

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