Humboldt Seed Executives on Calling All Growers with Liz Grow!!

In an enlightening episode of “Calling All Growers with Liz Grow,” Humboldt Seed Company executives provide an in-depth exploration of the prestigious Emerald Triangle in northern California, particularly focusing on Humboldt County’s significant role in the cannabis market. Renowned for being part of the Emerald Triangle, Humboldt County boasts an impressive 80% contribution to the legacy cannabis market in the USA.

The episode features Nat Pennington, the CEO of Humboldt Seed, and Jason Gellman from Ridgeline Farms, engaging in a discussion with Liz Grow. Together, they delve into the unique qualities that distinguish cannabis from the Emerald Triangle, establishing it as the epitome of quality within the US cannabis industry. The conversation explores the various factors that have contributed to the region’s renowned reputation for producing some of the finest cannabis strains available.

As industry leaders, Pennington and Gellman share valuable insights into why cannabis cultivated in the Emerald Triangle is widely acknowledged as the best in the United States. Their discussion sheds light on the distinctive attributes, cultivation techniques, and environmental considerations that play a pivotal role in establishing the region’s unparalleled status in the highly competitive cannabis market. This episode serves as a comprehensive guide for growers and enthusiasts, offering a deeper understanding of what makes the cannabis from the Emerald Triangle truly exceptional.