Breeding Cannabis Seeds and Working to Restore Rivers

Humboldt Seed Company with founder and CEO, Nathaniel Pennington. Nathaniel has been breeding cannabis seeds and working to restore rivers and salmon populations in Humboldt County, CA, for more than 20 years. His prior work in salmon genomics gave him the background to understand the need for unbiased cannabis genomics research. Humboldt Seed Company is on a mission to provide high-quality cannabis seeds to customers who want to grow their own cannabis plants.

Founded in 2001 by biologists in Humboldt County, CA, we began breeding for patients under Prop 215. They have since evolved for the recreational market. Their Clean Green Certified seeds are available in several states at select retailers. Humboldt breeds its seeds on their farm in Northeastern Humboldt County, CA. In 2018 they hosted the World’s Largest Phenotype Hunt through a collaborative genetic clone pursuit, teaming with local farm friends they choose the top percentile clones. The selections are now available in California and Oregon nurseries.