Potcast 151: Cannabis Seeds and Creative Breeding

Whether you boast a green thumb or are just a curious enthusiast like myself, the captivating world of cannabis seeds, breeding, and genetics is sure to peek your interest. Join me on an exploration guided by Nat Pennington, the visionary founder of Humboldt Seed Company, as we unravel the intricacies of planting the right seeds, not only in your garden but also within your community.

Nat unravels the complexities of cannabis breeding, shedding light on the vital aspects of phenotype, chemotype, and genotype. In our conversation, he unveils the on-going pursuit of the perfect “dreamotype” through continuous pheno hunts. The discourse extends to the distinctions between photoperiod cannabis and auto-flower varieties, and the unexpected interplay of cannabis cultivation with the challenges posed by wildfires.

Beyond the realm of cannabis, Nat’s profound passion for wildlife preservation takes center stage, influencing his innovative cannabis breeding process. Inspired by his research on the local salmon population, he intertwines environmental stewardship with his creative approach to breeding, fostering a connection between cannabis cultivation and wildlife conservation.

This exploration delves into the intersection of horticulture, genetics, and ecological responsibility, emphasizing the significance of mindful seed choices. Whether you’re a seasoned cultivator or someone just beginning to tread into the cannabis landscape, Nat’s insights offer a comprehensive understanding of the symbiotic relationship between cannabis, the environment, and the communities that nurture them.