Lulu’s Edibles Partner Project

Lulu’s Edibles was created by Lulu Bonner, the founder of Lulu’s Chocolate. Lulu has been making chocolate for over a decade and has been a cannabis advocate for more than half her lifetime. All of their edibles are made in San Rafael, CA at Tamalpais Co-Packing, a Certified Carbon-Neutral Facility that is completely powered by solar and wind.

The Process

Lulu’s chocolate is infused with winterized amber oil and stream-distilled terpenes, working with the plant’s essential oils and cannabinoids to create three distinct flavor profiles and targeted effects.

We partner with Lulu’s for their strain-specific cannabis steam-distilled terpenes. Their strain-specific terpene profiles are what create each bar’s distinct flavor and calming, uplifting, and balanced effects. No fruits or flavors are added, only essential oils of the cannabis plant.