2021 Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide

Chronic Magazine 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis cultivator or a fresh-faced enthusiast, discovering a packet of Helly Jelly in your stocking is bound to elicit excitement. Hailing from the reputable Humboldt Seed Company, this sativa-dominant hybrid stands out as a winner of the 2019 pheno hunt and secured its place as one of the 11 best strains of the 2021 harvest, as recognized by Leafly.

The acclaim doesn’t stop there – even the distinguished reggae icon and cannabis advocate, Damian Marley, has embraced Helly Jelly, cultivating it at the Evidence Brand Grow located in a former prison in central California. The widespread appeal of this strain is a testament to its exceptional qualities and popularity within the cannabis community.

Starting the new year with Helly Jelly promises a delightful combination of sparkle and a potent THC punch. At a time when a bit of uplifting energy is universally welcomed, this strain steps in with its unique flavor profile. Offering enticing notes of blue cotton candy, strawberries, and grapes, Helly Jelly provides an immersive experience akin to strolling through a frosty winter wonderland.

The convergence of accolades, celebrity endorsements, and a tantalizing flavor profile positions Helly Jelly as more than just a strain; it’s an embodiment of the vibrant and dynamic cannabis culture. Whether you’re unwrapping it as a gift or cultivating it yourself, Helly Jelly promises to add a touch of magic and euphoria to your cannabis experience, making it an excellent choice for enthusiasts at any level of expertise.