man smelling jar of cannabis flower

Two California Companies Debut New Scratch ‘n’ Sniff stickers on packaging

In a nostalgic yet innovative move, the Humboldt Seed Company, in collaboration with craft producers One Straw Farm and Burr’s Place, has introduced a novel solution for cannabis consumers eager to experience the aromatic essence of their product without unveiling the packaging – Scratch ‘n’ Sniff stickers.

This new feature on cannabis packaging allows customers to engage their senses by scratching the sticker and inhaling the distinct fragrance of the enclosed buds. What sets this Scratch ‘n’ Sniff method apart is the utilization of actual terpenes extracted from the specific batch of cannabis housed within the package. This ingenious approach addresses a longstanding challenge in the cannabis industry, where customers often face the dilemma of being unable to assess the scent of the product before making a purchase.

The collaboration between the Humboldt Seed Company and its craft partners not only brings a touch of nostalgia with the Scratch ‘n’ Sniff concept but also demonstrates a commitment to enhancing the customer experience. By incorporating terpenes directly from the packaged cannabis, this innovation provides a genuine and tangible way for consumers to connect with the product, fostering transparency and confidence in their purchasing decisions. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, such inventive solutions contribute to a more engaging and consumer-friendly marketplace.