Laying Claim to the Industries First True-breeding F1 Hybrid

Even as industry instability and environmental threads swirl around him, Humboldt Seed Company founder Nathaniel Pennington has remained focused on a single gaol:create a true-breeding F1 hybrid. After six years of work, he may have accomplished just that and he’s preparing to tell the world.

When you’ve been breeding cannabis for more than 20 years you simple accept a lot of genetic mixes just won’t work out. But it’s the desire to find that one perfect combination of genes – a unicorn – that keeps a guy like Nathaniel Pennington seeking that perfect strain.

There’s no doubt Pennington, the founder and CEO of Humboldt Seed Company, has a bit of a mad scientist element in him when it comes to cross-breeding marijuana plants. And from his 150acre cannabis farm and lab in northeast Humboldt county, California, Pennington may have just hit upon the mother of cannabis strains: the creation of a true breeding F1 hybrid after six years of working towards that goal. However, the 41-year-old is cautious when it comes to hitting the jackpot.

This fall we plan on releasing and making a claim… I don’t know if it’ll be challenged or not, but it’s cannabis’ first, true breeding F1 hybrid, says Pennington. We’re making what should turn out to be a true-breeding F1. In my opinion, that’s kind of like the Holy Grail of cannabis seeds that haven’t really been created yet by anybody. These clone seeds as we like to call them produce almost completely identical flower and will be all female… this is essentially the holy grail of the cannabis seed world.