Headstash Mint Jelly cannabis flower

HeadStash: Mint Jelly

Minty autoflower for the cannabis connoisseur with a sweet tooth!

Cake pops, the playful dessert treats, have been wildly popular for over a decade now and Humboldt Seed Company’s latest autoflower, Mint Jelly is sure to skyrocket to fame with its flavours of sweet vanilla cake batter and jelly filling dipped in peppermint icing. Destined to be a top-shelf choice among cannabis connoisseurs with a sweet tooth, Mint Jelly is a heavy-hitting, mind-numbing strain with all-round great genetics. This cultivar’s parentage includes Hella Jelly, Mountaintop Mint and Sour Apple giving it a very unique terpene profile. Testing at a consistent 27% THC, this new auto has all the qualities you love whether zoning out and relaxing or getting busy during the day. Mint Jelly grows vigorously into a stout plant outdoors or in greenhouse. The dense flowers mature into trichome-dripping green-purple colas in about 70-80 days with just a hint of classic gas. If you’re craving a mouthwatering delight, Mint Jelly takes the cake!