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HeadStash: Garlic Budder

Savoury Garlic Budder surprises with its spicy buttery aromas

Cultures around the world have long prized garlic for its medicinal properties, and Humboldt Seed Company’s Garlic Budder strain is good medicine indeed! Garlic Budder’s unique terpene profile is surprisingly appealing with its perfect mix of spice and garlic with buttery-nutty undertones. Caryophyllene and myrcene are the dominant terpenes responsible for the garlicky flavour. Discovered during the 2019 Phenotype Mega-Hunt, this Indica-dominant, high-testing cultivar tops out at 28-32% THC, making it a prefect choice for off-hours (read: couchlock). With its complex savoury notes, Garlic Budder pairs well with apple cider and snuggling up on a cold night. Expect above-average growth from this high-yielding strain with tall bushy plants flowering in about 70 days. Its crazy dense buds drip with frosty trichomes making it extremely potent. Like butter boards trending on TikTok, Garlic Budder is winning the hearts of cannabis connoisseurs worldwide.