Heads Lifestyle’s 2022 Highly Curated Holiday Gift Guide

Heads Highly Curated Gift Guide 2022 two men in VW bug with giant cannabis nug on roof

Celebrate the joy of giving with Heads Lifestyle’s 2022 Highly Curated Holiday Gift Guide, a treasure trove of 23 thoughtful ideas designed to bring delight to every personality on your list. From the environmentally conscious to the audiophile, the bookworm to the foodie, and even the whimsically inclined, this guide has something for everyone.

For the cannabis connoisseur who seemingly has it all, surprise them with an unforgettable experience – Humboldt Seed Company’s latest strain, Blueberry Pancakes. Born from a collaborative pheno hunt at Wave Rider Nursery, these plants boast heavy, vibrant, and trichome-covered nugs in a bright green hue. The syrupy sweet nose adds an extra layer of indulgence. This extraordinary release is set to make its debut on December 10th at the prestigious Emerald Cup.

Priced at USD $120.00 for 10 feminized seeds, Blueberry Pancakes promises not just a gift but an exploration into a new realm of cannabis enjoyment. Elevate the holiday spirit with a present that reflects the uniqueness and sophistication of your loved ones, making this festive season truly memorable.

USD $120.00 (for 10 feminized seeds)


Blueberry Pancakes cannabis plant