Humboldt Seed Companys Hella Jelly

Humboldt Seed Company’s Hella Jelly

Hella Jelly is hella fun to grow! One of the more unique experiences I’ve had on my cannabis journey was the opportunity to grow Hella Jelly in the Grow Off 2021 competition. It was the mystery strain, so I had no idea what I was growing. Since I didn’t know what to expect, I had to keep a close eye on things and monitor the growth stages meticulously. I was surprised by the lightening-fast development and had the best time watching to see what would happen next.

It’s truly an aggressive growing strain; whether you are talking about the insane roots, the rapid vegetative growth, or the quick bloom cycle, it outperforms most, the root growth was really vigorous, and I had roots bursting out of the sides of my Smartpots. The vegetative growth was just as robust, with multiple arms shooting out of the sides. I gave it one deep cut to take the top off as a clone, and that along made it just explode! Blooming goes fast, which makes this one so much fun. You see dramatic, big changes from week to week.