Humboldt Seed Companys Hella Jelly cannabis flower

Humboldt Seed Company’s Hella Jelly

Growing Hella Jelly from Humboldt Seed Company proved to be a captivating and thrilling experience in the Grow Off 2021 competition. The mystery strain added an element of surprise, as the cultivator had no prior knowledge of what was being cultivated. This mystery factor heightened the anticipation and required close attention to the plant’s growth stages.

Hella Jelly demonstrated its vigor from the start, showcasing remarkable characteristics in various aspects of growth. The roots exhibited an unprecedented level of aggressiveness, with vigorous growth that led to roots bursting out of the Smartpots. The vegetative stage was equally robust, featuring multiple arms shooting out of the sides, showcasing the strain’s resilience and strength.

The growth acceleration was notable, with the plant responding dynamically to each phase of development. A single deep cut to take a clone acted as a catalyst, causing the plant to explode with vitality. The bloom cycle unfolded rapidly, adding an extra layer of excitement to the cultivation process. Week by week, dramatic and substantial changes unfolded, creating a visually captivating and dynamic growth experience.

Hella Jelly lived up to its reputation as an aggressive and fast-growing strain, offering cultivators an engaging journey marked by its unique characteristics and rapid progression. The Grow Off 2021 competition provided a platform to showcase the strain’s exceptional qualities, making it a memorable and enjoyable cultivation endeavor.