Hunting Cannabis Strains

When we talk about Rastafarians, you probably immediately think of Jamaica. However, that’s not where the Rastafari Church of Antigua and Barbuda is located, because you’ll find it on Antigua & Barbuda. Weed has been legal there for Rastafarians since 2023, and beautiful cannabis strains also grow on the tropical islands. Strains that Humboldt Seed Company and Jamaican Dr. Machel Emanuel are hunting for in this film (pheno hunting).

Jamaica is certainly not the only Caribbean island with legal weed for Rastafarians. Last year, the state of Antigua and Barbuda also legalized it for followers of the Rastafari faith. Actually, it’s more of a way of life than a religion. But anyway, they do have a church community called the Rastafari Church of Antigua and Barbuda, and that’s what this film is about.

You’re probably familiar with Humboldt Seed Company for their beautiful cannabis strains. Well, in this film, they team up with Jamaican Dr. Machel Emanuel to go plant hunting on Antigua and Barbuda. You may also know Dr. Machel Emanuel from this news article. He made headlines because he wanted to revive indigenous cannabis strains (Bob Marley’s weed) from the Caribbean.

In this pheno hunt, the collaborating cannabis professionals are looking for landraces perfectly adapted to the tropical islands. Watch as they search for the best specimens among thousands of plants of a strain called ‘Pure Sativa’ a.k.a. ‘Caribbean Queen.'”

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Summary: The article discusses a video about hunting cannabis strains, known as a “pheno hunt,” on the Caribbean islands of Antigua & Barbuda. It mentions the legalization of cannabis for Rastafarians in 2023 and introduces the Rastafari Church of Antigua and Barbuda. The video features Humboldt Seed Company and Jamaican Dr. Machel Emanuel searching for cannabis plants adapted to the tropical environment of the islands, particularly focusing on a strain called ‘Pure Sativa’ or ‘Caribbean Queen.’