Ben Lind is the Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of Humboldt Seed Company.

As the Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of Humboldt Seed Company, Ben Lind stands at the forefront of cannabis genetics innovation. His passion is evident in the commitment to delivering top-tier seeds tailored for both homegrowers and commercial cultivators. What sets Ben apart is his keen interest in developing genetics customized for diverse bioregions, acknowledging the importance of regional nuances in cannabis cultivation.

Ben’s role extends beyond the borders of Humboldt County, as he collaborates with researchers on a global scale. His current projects span the cannabis landscapes of Jamaica, Colombia, South Africa, and Thailand. These international collaborations emphasize a commitment to understanding and adapting cannabis genetics to different climates and environments.

In the dynamic world of cannabis cultivation, Ben Lind’s dedication to advancing genetic research is a driving force behind the innovation and quality associated with Humboldt Seed Company. Whether you’re a homegrower or a commercial cultivator, the seeds developed under Ben’s guidance reflect a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between genetics, environment, and the diverse needs of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.

For a deeper dive into the world of cannabis genetics and global collaborations, don’t miss the opportunity to watch or listen to the podcast featuring Ben Lind. It’s a journey into the intricate science behind cannabis breeding, exploring the intersections of culture, environment, and the ever-evolving cannabis market.