Episode 7 – Halle Pennington Industry-born

About This Episode Season 1 Episode 7 – Halle Pennington is the Product Executive at the famed Humboldt Seed Company. Halle is the quintessential definition of the term industry-born. Having been born and raised in Humboldt County has its perks. This young entrepreneur plays a pivotal role in the success of Humboldt Seed Companies’ award-winning and world-renowned genetics program. Being the daughter of Nat Pennington, cannabis genetics has been engrained in every fiber of her being since she can remember. Listen as Halle and Cullen chat about what it takes to be at the top of the genetics food chain. Halle shares endearing stories of what it was like being raised in Humboldt during prohibition and what it takes to make sure their clients are getting the best and most reliable seeds on the market. Who knew it could take up to four years to identify the strongest phenotypes that will naturally be pest and mold resistant? Nat and Halle knew that’s for sure. Grab a toke, sit back and listen to this amazing young woman educate us on the importance of honest hardworking cannabis geneticists and breeders. This episode was recorded on-location at One Log and the Cookie’s campus. About The Industry Born Podcast: The Industry Born Podcast is one of GreenBroz newest ventures in educating our industry and entertaining our friends. Please join us to listen and learn from Cullen Raichart and guests as he gives an inside peek into what is happening in the cannabis industry today. Cullen blends a nice mix of personal industry knowledge with some hard-hitting and important questions about what is going on in the industry. About GreenBroz: GreenBroz is a Las Vegas-based manufacturing facility that produces some of the most innovative and groundbreaking industry-born cannabis processing machines. Everything from a trimmer that produces hand-trimmed quality buds, to a tumbling box that extracts residual kief leftover in the trim bins below. Learn more about GreenBroz at www.greenbroz.com ● Sign up for the GreenBroz Newsletter! Scroll to the bottom at https://greenbroz.com ● Read more about The GreenBroz Dry Trimmer best practices on the GreenBroz blog: https://greenbroz.com/greenbroz-harve…. ● Watch some more success stories about GreenBroz Harvesting Solutions here: https://greenbroz.com/media/ About Us: GreenBroz Inc. is committed to fine American craftsmanship, top-of-the-line machine engineering, and exceptional customer service. We’re extremely proud to say that our machines are made in the USA. We pride ourselves on stimulating our local economy, hiring Veterans whenever possible, and constantly working to provide industry-leading cannabis harvesting equipment to America’s next great industry. GreenBroz is a veteran-owned company based out of Las Vegas, NV. Learn more about a shop visit by emailing us at info@greenbroz.com.