Skunk Magazine - Poddy Mouth cannabis flower
Skunk Magazine - Poddy Mouth cannabis flower Feature

Poddy Mouth

Nat Pennington, the Founder & CEO of Humboldt Seed Company (HSC), recently paid a visit to our farm, bringing along a selection of intriguing strains, including Vanilla Creme Pie, a soon-to-be-named Poddy Mouth, and a couple of unnamed works in progress. Nat’s visits are always eagerly anticipated, as they promise a glimpse into his latest creations, and this time was no exception.

Among the seeds shared with us were the mysterious, yet-to-be-named strains that piqued our curiosity. After dedicating two weeks to the vegetative stage and patiently waiting through the 8-9 weeks of flowering, we finally had the opportunity to assess the outcome of our cultivation efforts. The results were nothing short of impressive.

The unnamed mystery seeds exhibited remarkable resilience, displaying a robust and sturdy structure akin to the classic OG. The plants were top-heavy, yielding large, impressive buds, and remarkably, they bore very few leaves. One standout feature we observed was the plants’ notable resistance to powdery mildew, highlighting their hardiness and adaptability.

As we explored the unique characteristics of these mystery seeds, it became evident that Nat Pennington’s expertise and breeding prowess at HSC had once again delivered something novel and interesting. The journey from seed to flowering revealed a strain with exceptional qualities, marking another success in the collaborative efforts between HSC and our farm.