ALTRD.TV Feature Episode

The Keys to the Cannabis Code: Propagating the Genetic Knowledge of the Vintage Tastemakers. Curated by Humboldt Seed Company

The vintage tastemakers and the original cannabis sommeliers hold the keys to the code when it comes to creating the diverse cannabis varietals, we will all enjoy in the future. Whether you call it heritage, legacy, or OG doesn’t really matter, but what’s important is that this highly experienced, knowledgeable group of skilled, long-term breeders, hold the genetic building blocks and hands-on knowledge to bring the important characteristics and diversity of endangered terpenes and landraces forward into the future. Retaining what’s unique and special, and from a medical perspective what’s effective is vitally important. This pool of knowledge can and should be tapped to ensure that the future is full of diversity, interesting terpenes and amazing flavors. Breeders are tasked with creating what the new commodity marketplace demands, but they are also the stewards of ancient and heritage strain knowledge that we can’t afford to lose.
Jimi Devine
Todd McCormick
Mark Greyshock
Shilo Massive
Haley Pennington