grower cannabis strain chart
grower cannabis strain chart

Seeds With Flava!

Just like hops, a vegetable, is engineered to make beer taste like new mown grass or gooseberries; cannabis – an herb – is being bred to taste like poundcake, grape jelly, and buttery garlic. those are just a few plant flavors you can grow using Humboldt Seed Company seeds.

HSC was founded in 2001 in California’s Emerald Triangle where the legendary terroir – a magical combination of soil and climate produces the best weed on the planet. The company began by breeding strains and cloning plants to treat patients protected under prop 215. Humboldt Seed Company has evolved to include the recreational market. Its mission is to provide high-quality cannabis seeds to customers to want to grow their own plants.

Today Humboldt Seed Company operates satellites in legal markets in the US and worldwide.

Here HSC’s Founder & CEO Nathaniel Pennington shares growing tips for seven of the company’s strains – something for every level of grower from beginner to advanced. Be sure to check out the information for Hella Jelly.