grower cannabis strain chart
grower cannabis strain chart

Seeds With Flava!

Unlock a world of flavors with Humboldt Seed Company’s exquisite lineup of cannabis seeds, curated for those seeking a diverse and delectable experience. Similar to how hops are manipulated to infuse distinct tastes into beer, Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) is at the forefront of breeding cannabis strains that offer an array of flavors, from poundcake and grape jelly to buttery garlic.

Established in 2001 within California’s renowned Emerald Triangle, where the perfect amalgamation of soil and climate yields some of the world’s finest cannabis, HSC initially focused on breeding strains and cloning plants to cater to patients protected under prop 215. Over the years, the company has seamlessly transitioned to cater to the recreational market while staying true to its roots.

Founder and CEO Nathaniel Pennington, a visionary in the cannabis industry, shares valuable growing tips for seven of HSC’s strains, catering to enthusiasts at every level of expertise, from beginners to advanced cultivators. Among the highlighted strains, Hella Jelly stands out, inviting growers to explore its unique characteristics and flavors.

With a mission to provide high-quality cannabis seeds, HSC has expanded its reach with satellites operating in legal markets across the United States and worldwide. Elevate your cultivation journey with HSC’s Seeds With Flava, where each seed promises a distinctive and flavorful adventure for enthusiasts who take pride in growing their own cannabis plants.