Six Steps to Successful Cannabis Breeding Program

Steps to a successful cannabis breeding program

For any licensed cannabis producer, embarking on a breeding program is no small feat. Doing it right from the beginning is the key and will ensure a successful return on your investment. Here are six key considerations when considering to invest in a cannabis breeding program.

Begin with the end in mind

The most important thing is to start with great genetics. If you want to ultimately produce a great product, you have to put the focus on the front end. Whether you choose to go the clone route or with seed, no one decision will play as pivotal role in the success of your final product and the competitive success of your brand than great genetics. Today’s market demands not just quality, but also novelty.

The seed advantage

One of the biggest advantages for going the seed route is reducing the potential of pests invading your grow operations. Another advantage is not having to stress your plants to move them. Choosing seeds that are well suited to your latitude and specific area’s weather patterns can go a long way in preventing unforeseen setbacks and profit losses. Seeds can be easily and efficiently delivered by the breeder, and are not subject to the same damage risk in transit as clones might be. With today’s more sophisticated lab testing methods you can also be guaranteed without question that you are getting exactly what you order.