While there is always a “weed of the moment” in California, we think the representations we’ve found of the cultivars below are among the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to the heat of Summer 2020.

Now deep into the season, we’ve certainly experienced a lot of highs and lows. The more responsible of us have had a lot more time to grade fine cannabis as we strictly followed Dr. Fauci’s advice. The pot continues to be great this year despite not getting to share it with friends and family.

Cannabis cultivation efforts weren’t impacted the same way a lot of other parts of the economy were. But the flip side is, there are a lot more hurdles to grow pot (and grow it well) than in most other businesses, just in regard to licensing and taxes alone. Cannabis cultivation facilities are now the first link in a supply chain deemed essential by the state of California. That’s new for Summer 2020! Also, on a positive note, it’s not too difficult to socially distance inside a grow or field. That means there is no moral baggage attached to wildly good pot.

So, what have all these folks been up to the past five months? Only growing some of the best marijuana on the planet! Here is a collection of their lockdown works that blew our minds so hard we were almost glad we couldn’t share them with anyone!

La Weekly Article Vanilla Frosting

La Weekly Article Vanilla Frosting

On a recent four day excursion through Humboldt County, one thing quickly became apparent to us: there are a lot of farmers on both sides of the cannabis market growing a lot of Vanilla Frosting from Humboldt Seed Company. The offerings we’ve seen so far have been nice as the first round of light deprivation-grown cannabis came in a couple of months back.  But we’re excited to see what the full sun versions look like, especially the dry-farmed ones we saw at High Water Farm. Expect to be able to get your hands on it this harvest season and we think you’ll enjoy the resulting efforts of Humboldt Seed Company’s years working with Gelato.