The Thrill of the Hunt

In a bold departure from Leaf Magazine’s traditional homage to the cannabis heartland of the Emerald Triangle, Humboldt Seed Company steps into the spotlight, steering attention toward the burgeoning “Golden Triangle” situated northwest of Sacramento. At the forefront of this shift is Humboldt Seed Company’s extraordinary seven-day pheno hunt tour, an event that Leaf Magazine was privileged to witness.

This unique pheno hunt tour marked a scientific exploration into the realm of cannabis genetics, guiding participants from the iconic Emerald Triangle to promising territories in Nevada, Yuba, Calaveras, and beyond. The tour aimed to uncover the genetic treasures cultivated by various farms partnering with Humboldt Seed Company, with a keen focus on identifying the crème de la crème of cannabis excellence among plants of the same cultivar.

This exclusive journey not only showcased the vast landscape of cannabis cultivation but also provided insights into the meticulous processes involved in selecting superior genetics. From the vibrant landscapes of the Emerald Triangle to the emerging prospects of the “Golden Triangle,” the pheno hunt tour underscored the commitment of Humboldt Seed Company to exploring, refining, and celebrating the diverse and exceptional genetics that contribute to the ever-evolving world of cannabis cultivation. For a detailed account of this captivating journey, readers are invited to explore the full story by clicking on the images above to zoom in.