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cannabis seeds in article

Feminized Seeds Are Better We’ll Show You Why

Dive into the evolution of cannabis cultivation with author Nat Pennington, who advocates for the superiority of feminized seeds based on years of experience and the evolving science behind seed creation.

In 1995, at the age of 18, Pennington made the move from the East Coast to Humboldt County, marking the beginning of his journey into cannabis breeding. Initially, his motivation wasn’t rooted in becoming a cannabis breeder but rather in the quest for self-reliance in the upcoming growing season. At that time, the concept of a cannabis nursery was non-existent, and the clone market, primarily operating from garages and basements, proved unreliable and rife with pests and pathogens. It was in this landscape that Pennington recognized the advantages of growing from seed.

The science behind creating feminized seeds has undergone significant advancements since those early days. As a result, Pennington contends that, today, feminized seeds represent the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation. Their reliability, consistency, and elimination of the risk associated with male plants make feminized seeds the preferred choice for many cultivators. Pennington’s journey from the desire for self-reliance to a staunch advocate for feminized seeds highlights the transformative role that advancements in seed science have played in shaping the landscape of cannabis cultivation.