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Humboldt Seed Company at Barcelona’s Spannabis Week

Barcelona’s Spannabis Week and the International Cannabis Awards draw cannabis enthusiasts from around the globe to the vibrant city on Spain’s Mediterranean coast. Among the highlights of this cannabis pilgrimage is the presence of Humboldt Seed Company, a prominent player in the industry. Their booth, crafted from cedar grown on their own property, exudes a natural, organic charm, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the company’s ethos.

Nat Pennington, the CEO, recounts their journey to Spain, marking their participation in multiple Spannabis events. Despite a hiatus due to Covid, this year they brought a team of 10 from Humboldt County, a decision validated by the overwhelming response from attendees. Pennington expresses pride in their growing presence at the event, emphasizing the familial atmosphere cultivated over the years as returning customers engage in ongoing conversations.

The success of Humboldt Seed Company at Spannabis underscores their commitment to quality and community engagement. As they continue to participate in such events, they not only showcase their products but also foster connections that transcend geographical boundaries, reinforcing the sense of kinship within the cannabis community.