hands warming on fire
man in sleeping bag on grass

In a captivating episode, Lonnie transforms himself into a human burrito, unraveling the secrets of crafting a warm and comfortable sleep system in the wilderness. Armed with a thick wool blanket, a canvas tarp, and an insulated mattress, Lonnie unfolds a step-by-step guide on the art of folding and tucking to ensure a cozy night’s sleep. His emphasis on proper technique stems from personal experience, having endured the bone-chilling cold while sleeping under a wool blanket in the past: “I froze bad!”

Throughout the demonstration, co-star Buck the dog keeps a vigilant eye on his owner, adding a touch of canine charm to the outdoor tutorial. As Lonnie emerges Houdini-style from his makeshift cocoon, the importance of mastering the art of insulation becomes evident for anyone venturing into the wilderness.

To enhance this wilderness experience, Lonnie suggests pairing the episode with a classic couch-lock strain like Bigfoot Glue from Humboldt Seed Company. Known for its earthy and piney aroma, Bigfoot Glue offers the perfect complement to an evening of outdoor adventure and cozy camp setups. Just be sure to keep one eye open—there’s a playful hint that Sasquatch might be tempted to join the cowboy bedroll experience. So, wrap yourself in nature’s warmth and indulge in the sensory delights of Bigfoot Glue for a truly immersive outdoor experience.