Far North Bushcraft and Survival!

In this episode, Lonnie turns himself into a human burrito. Using a thick wool blanket, a canvas tarp and an insulated mattress, he demonstrates step-by-step how to fold and tuck your way to a warm sleep system. He emphasizes why proper technique is so important for a comfortable night’s sleep: “If you’ve ever slept underneath a wool blanket like I have, perhaps you discovered the same thing I did and that was—I froze. I froze bad!” Co-star, Buck the dog keeps watch (mostly) on his owner and delights as Lonnie emerges Houdini-style from his wrappings. Pair with a classic couch lock strain like Bigfoot Glue from Humboldt Seed Company with its earthy piney aroma. You may want to sleep with one eye open in case Sasquatch tries to crawl into that cowboy bedroll with you.