Nate Forbes Article

Nate Forbes Article

Five Crisp Questions With Nathaniel Pennington

In a candid conversation with Nate Forbes, Nathaniel Pennington, co-founder of Humboldt Seed Company, sheds light on his unconventional journey into the heart of Humboldt County, his passion for cannabis, and the company’s commitment to genetics, sustainability, and community development. Pennington, who hails from Upstate New York and Philadelphia, traces his serendipitous relocation to Humboldt back to a fateful encounter and the allure of the region’s natural beauty.

Nat’s connection with cannabis goes beyond business; it is deeply rooted in personal experience and a mentorship that shaped his perspective. Having moved to Humboldt County 25 years ago, he found solace in the region’s cannabis culture, eventually becoming an integral part of the community.

Nat’s introduction to cannabis was marked by a realization that society had misrepresented the plant, sparking his curiosity and deepening his connection. Peter Brucker, a mentor and grower, played a pivotal role in Pennington’s journey, providing him with his first cannabis seeds and influencing not only his approach to cannabis but also his commitment to environmental activism.

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