MG Magazine Feature

The Evolving African Cannabis Market

The African cannabis market is undergoing a transformative phase, paralleling the evolution seen in the United States. Numerous indigenous strains, once abundant in Africa, have dwindled over time. However, efforts are underway to safeguard the distinctive attributes of these ancient cannabis landrace strains. Ben Lind, Chief Science Officer of the Humboldt Seed Company, emerges as a key player in this preservation mission. Lind is diligently engaged in the task of securing the genetics unique to Africa’s bioregion, striving to resurrect strains that have faded into obscurity.

A noteworthy collaboration has surfaced between Ben Lind and Arbour Collective in South Africa. Together, they are undertaking the ambitious project of hybridizing the Transkei strain, a variety with historical roots in the region. The objective is to craft a novel, stable varietal tailored to the specific needs of farmers in the area. This collaborative initiative not only seeks to revive disappearing strains but also aims to contribute to the sustainability and growth of the African cannabis market. As these endeavors unfold, they shed light on the importance of preserving the rich cannabis heritage of the continent while adapting to contemporary agricultural demands.