9 Best Marijuana Strains

This year may be a dumpster fire inside a trainwreck, but at least there’s more fresh, legal, tested fuego for your bubbler than ever before.

Amid a global pandemic and historic political division, legal cannabis has become a silver lining deemed essential by authorities. Weed continues to get stronger, more flavorful, more tested, and more legal in 2020 than before.

And the pace of cannabis development is accelerating in 2020, said Kevin Jodrey, cultivation director and owner of Wonderland Nursery in the Humboldt County town of Redway, CA—the epicenter of global ganja innovation.

“It’s reaching a critical mass,” he said. “Growers have to be able to constantly innovate, constantly create, and you’re beginning to see people putting out a lot of interesting work.”

US farmers grow 29.9 million pounds of pot per year, … with leader California growing 13.5 million pounds… 60% of it outdoors

This October, tens of millions of outdoor-grown pounds are coming down from the hilly fields of the Emerald Triangle, Santa Barbara, and Oregon and Washington.

US farmers grow 29.9 million pounds of pot per year, New Frontier Data estimates, with leader California growing 13.5 million pounds, agriculture officials estimate. Sixty percent of the crop is grown outdoors, sewn annually in the spring and harvested through October.

Each year, Leafly talks to farmers about what’s ripening in the estimated $52 billion total US market, and where flavor trends are going, so you can shop the outdoor harvest like a pro.

Our picks stay 100% independent, and close to the plant: We grow it, smoke it, study Leafly search traffic, and interview commercial breeders and growers. Get your grinders ready!

Hot Gelato crosses – Vanilla Frosting

Stress eaters: Put down the cupcake and pick up the Vanilla Frosting for gobs of dessert flavor and relaxation with zero calories; that is, until the munchies hit.

This year, California’s leading seed-seller Humboldt Seed Company sold a blistering, record 110,000 seeds and clones of this Gelato cross developed by Happy Dreams Farm.

Vigorous and pretty, Vanilla Frosting blew the roof off of a 20-foot-tall greenhouse in Humboldt, said Humboldt Seed Company CEO Nathaniel Pennington. The farmer had to remove the ceiling to let the plants finish.

“The grower was just so happy, he was giddy,” said Pennington.