Cannabis Business Times - Don Carlos

Don Carlos Cannabis Strain

Plant Physiology: The Don Carlos cultivar exhibits robust growth characteristics, with sturdy stalks that make trellising a straightforward process. During its initial month of vegetative growth, it is commonly recommended to top the Don Carlos once or twice, depending on environmental conditions. The transition to the flowering stage occurs rapidly in response to changes in lighting conditions. During flowering, the plant produces dense buds that quickly mature into golf ball-sized flowers, characterized by their density and trichome coverage, facilitating easier trimming processes.

In terms of yield, the Don Carlos cultivar proves to be an overall high to average producer. Its resilient structure and familiar growth habits make it adaptable to various cultivation styles. Under traditional lighting, Don Carlos often yields over three pounds per light, showcasing its productivity. Notably, this cultivar has demonstrated effectiveness in LED grows, countering the tendency for loose flowers sometimes observed in such setups, thanks to the density of its blossoms.

Outdoors, the Don Carlos plant transforms into a formidable cannabis giant, thriving in open environments. Its adaptability and resilience make it well-suited for diverse cultivation methods, establishing its reputation as a versatile and high-performing strain across different settings. Whether indoors or outdoors, Don Carlos stands out as a cultivar that combines strong physiological traits with impressive yields.