The Next Great Strain

Humboldt Seed Company is embarking on a unique cannabis phenohunt, touring multiple cannabis farms in Northern California to seek out exceptional cannabis strains that could become the next industry sensation. This phenohunt, unlike traditional competitions, involves evaluating cannabis plants still weeks away from harvest to select the top contenders among them. Over the course of a two-week journey to eight farms, the team will assess approximately 10,000 plants in the hopes of identifying around 20 winners.

The concept of phenohunting is rooted in identifying specific physical characteristics or traits, known as phenotypes, within cannabis plants that best express a particular strain. Humboldt Seed Company’s innovative approach is to bring the phenohunt on the road, enabling guests to explore their strains growing in various environments. This tour also serves as part of their business plan, with clone cuttings saved from each farm to further develop the winning strains, potentially leading to future seed creations.

Additionally, the article discusses the emergence of triploid cannabis plants with three sets of chromosomes, which are considered the “next great step in cannabis evolution.” These triploids offer potential benefits such as sterility, which prevents pollination by neighboring hemp fields, and heightened aroma compounds, making them an exciting development in the cannabis breeding world. The phenohunt also highlights the importance of qualities like overall structure, disease resistance, aroma, color, and trichome density in selecting winning cannabis strains. Beyond cannabis cultivation, the article touches on the significance of community collaboration and environmental restoration, showcasing the deep connection between the cannabis industry and the preservation of the natural world.